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Please Read, Understand & Agree Before Ordering and Checking Out

 These Terms & Conditions are for both parties benefit, and to avoid any misunderstandings. We appreciate your business and need to protect ours in the process. All Sales Orders are bound by these Terms and Conditions, whether made online thru our website, by phone, fax, e-mail or any other form of communication or transmittance with us.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please Contact Us before ordering, by phone during business hours PST, or e-mail: sales@systemsdirect.com.

  • We do not sell any products for "evaluation" or "demo" purposes, i.e. "I just want to see how the product(s) works, performs, looks, feels, etc., but I do not intend keeping it, or or I changed my mind about keeping it after delivery."

  • We do not guarantee product compatibility, (i.e., "this product will absolutely work with this product,") if: product(s) ordered from us do not meet Purchaser's expectation(s) and/or function(s) that are unknown to us at the time of purchase or thereafter, and/or: the Purchaser adds product(s) purchased elsewhere, including software, to product(s) purchased from us, without first seeking consultation from us before purchase.

  • We cannot guarantee exact delivery time, because we use various shippers and cannot vouch for their service.

  • Product availability may vary. Due to the changing nature of supply and demand, we will inform you within twenty-four (24) hours of ordering if there is a change from any stated or un-stated availability. Basically, if you place an order online, and do not hear from us after you receive your e-mailed Order Confirmation, your order has been satisfactorily processed and is on the way to you. If there is a shipping delay, or availability issue, we will immediately e-mail or phone you, regarding your order status, and then you can inform our us what you want to do, i.e. keep your order until the product comes in, or cancel what has not shipped, with no liability. If part of your order ships, your credit card card is charged for the shipped item(s) only. There is no charge to cancel a full or partial un-shipped order within (1) hour of order placement, BUT, after (1) hour of order placement, regardless whether it was ordered online or off, you are charged the full amount of the shipped product(s), and your order is non-cancellable.

  • Typographic errors on our site and Google Search, including pricing are subject to correction, and we are not liable for them.

  • Regarding PayPal Order Refunds:
    Effective 10/11/2019- any order paid using PayPal that for any reason is  canceled and/or changed, causing us to issue a full or partial PayPal refund, is subject to an additional 2.9% reverse transaction fee of the order total or partial total, which will be deducted from your PayPal refund. This is because PayPal unfairly stopped refunding us and other PayPal merchants their 2.9% Seller transaction fee on refunds starting 10/11/19. This policy includes fraudulent orders that require refunding. This may be in addition to a 20% restocking fee on any forced unauthorized order return stated below.

  • Regarding Credit Card Order Refunds:
    Effective 03/01/2020
    - any order paid using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or any other type) that for any reason is canceled and/or changed, causing us to issue a full or partial refund, is subject to an additional 2.6% reverse transaction fee of the order total or partial total, which will be deducted from your credit card refund. This is because Shopify, our e-commerce platform unfairly stopped refunding us and other Shopify merchants their 2.6% Seller transaction fee on refunds starting 03/01/20. This policy includes fraudulent orders that require refunding. This may be in addition to a 20% restocking fee on any forced unauthorized order return stated below.

  • There are no PayPal, cash or credit card full or partial balance refunds for the SystemsDirect.com Gift Card. Products purchased with the SystemsDirect.com Gift Card are bound by the Sales & Returns Policies stated below.

Sales & Returns Policies for all products except Gift Cards:

  • There are no returns on opened box non-defective products- only on opened-box defective products for replacement/exchange only, not credit- and request must be made within 15 days from our invoice date. We issue return/exchange authorizations for the following specific reasons only: if the product is shipped in error by us, is DOA, or is defective, (which is ultimately determined by us). If an item is determined by us, to have been shipped in error, DOA or defective, it must be returned in its original factory packaging, including any manual(s) and software(s), and warranty card it came with. We will instruct you on how to return product(s) to us properly for replacement. All approved returns for replacement/exchange must have an authorized RMA# issued by us. Any return we receive back without an issued authorized RMA#, is considered forced (see next section).

  • There are no returns for any Displays/Monitors. All warranty issues are with the manufacturer, not SystemsDirect.com. Please contact the respective manufacturer tech support for warranty assistance.
  • Any non-approved/non-authorized return(s) is considered forced, and are subject to a 20% restocking fee of the total amount of the order(s). This includes: order cancellations after (1) business hour of order placement, whether placed online or off, unauthorized returns without obtaining an authorized RMA#(s), and/or any refusal of product(s) upon delivery, and/or taking delivery and deciding afterwards to return non-defective product(s). All forced returns are subject to us holding your full credit, until we receive full credit at our cost, back from the manufacturer(s) for products forcibly returned, plus all shipping charges we incur. If the value of your forced return product(s) from the manufacturer that we receive back, decreases from our original cost, which may occur, we will charge you for the any loss we may incur. If we do not receive any credit back for your forced return, from the manufacturer(s), due to the condition of the product(s) and/or their non-returns/opened box policies, then we will re-ship back to you, at your expense, the returned product(s), and hold the original order in place, with no refund. If you attempt to return the product(s) again to us, we will refuse delivery, and/or if we happen to take delivery, we will keep the product(s) as legal evidence, and not issue you credit whatsoever. If you dispute the sale to your credit card company and/or PayPal, we will counter your dispute, that we instructed you on our website, to read these terms and user agreement and agree to these terms herein, before ordering. We hope to avoid any forced return scenarios, due to the hassle, time and expense for both parties, and that you choose your products carefully, consult with us before purchasing if needed, and be aware of our Returns Policies herein, before any problems arise. This policy applies, regardless if Purchaser places order online, over the phone, via fax, e-mail and/or any other method of communication with us.

  • Standard Warranty: after 30 days from Sale Date on your invoice, all warranty issues are between you the Purchaser, and the Manufacturer.

  • There are no returns on software whether opened or not.  

  • All freight charges to ship your order(s) to your location(s) are not refundable, unless order(s) are shipped by us in error.

  • The Purchaser is responsible for all return freight charges back to our warehouse system, unless product(s) are shipped by us in error.
  • Visa/MC, American Express, Discover & PayPal payments are subject to security clearance procedures to prevent fraud.

  • For all online orders we require clearance of funds before delivering products and/or services. All orders placed by the purchaser, are processed, only with the understanding that the purchaser has read & fully understands these terms of purchase, and that all purchases, whether placed online, over the phone, fax and/or e-mail, are bound by these terms of purchase, at the time of ordering. If the purchaser has any doubts about these terms, please Contact Us before ordering to clarify any lack of understanding about our terms of purchase, herein.

  • For pre-payment by Money Order(s) and/or Company Check(s) please call us at 209-229-1340 PST for payment instructions and our mailing address in Tracy, Ca. After receipt and clearance of your payment, we will release your order(s). We do not ship any products COD.

  • We reserve the right to refuse sales and/or services to anyone at anytime.

  • We reserve the right to modify our purchase and any other company policies at any time, which we would post here.

  • Service hours may vary and are payable upon receipt (COD) of final invoicing. Net terms do not apply to service.

  • All products come with the full manufacturer's warranty as specified by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for any perceived lack of service and/or support by any of the Manufacturer's of whom products we represent and distribute.

  • We ship only to verifiable addresses in the US. We do not ship to any address with a P.O. Box. We do not export outside the US. We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. If you are located in Canada, we can ship to a verified US address only, including a freight forwarder and you can re-ship at your expense to Canada
  • Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Additional Terms & Conditions for Recertified/Refurbished/EOL products:

The majority of the products that SystemsDirect.com carries are new, however we do carry a wide selection of ‘Factory’ refurbished equipment too.

Products that are refurbished will display "Recertified" or "Refubished" in the product description.

 Refurbished or recertified typically means that a customer returned the item to the manufacturer, (i.e. HP not SystemsDirect.com) for reasons other than being defective (e.g. a customer may have changed his or her mind, did not like the product, or had difficulty operating it). Factory Refurbished products differ from other refurbished products because they are restored to the exact manufacturer specifications by the original manufacturer in a certified refurbishing center. In addition, these products typically come with the added advantage of a manufacturer warranty.

Refurbished products DO NOT have minor blemishes, they look new. They come complete with manuals, batteries, cables, ink, discs etc.

They may be packaged and shipped in non-retail boxes (brown box). Some manufacturers return them to original retail packaging.

The only significant difference is that refurbished goods usually come with a small sticker on the outside packaging indicating that this is a refurbished product.

Return Policy for New End-of-Life (EOL) Discontinued products:

These are products that a manufacturer will no longer be marketing, selling, or promoting. EOL products are defined as discontinued due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product, product line enhancements, upgrades or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by richer technology.

New End of Life (EOL) Discontinued products are NOT eligible for return to SystemsDirect.com. In addition, SystemsDirect.com does not provide credit back on any New End of Life (EOL) Discontinued products sold and all sales are final.

All New End-of-Life (EOL) Discontinued products come with manufacturer's warranty for product support if needed. Please Contact Us and we can provide you with the manufacturer's support phone number or email address.

Messaging Terms & Conditions

You agree to receive recurring automated marketing and informational text (e.g., SMS and MMS) messages from SystemsDirect.com, including text messages that may be sent using an automatic telephone dialing system, to the mobile telephone number you provided when joining or any other number that you designate. Consent to receive automated marketing text messages is not a condition of any purchase. Msg & Data rates may apply. Message frequency will vary. SystemsDirect.com reserves the right to alter the frequency of messages sent at any time, so as to increase or decrease the total number of sent messages. SystemsDirect.com also reserves the right to change the short code or phone number from which messages are sent. Not all mobile devices or handsets may be supported and our messages may not be deliverable in all areas. SystemsDirect.com, its service providers and the mobile carriers supported by the program are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.


Reply STOP to cancel. After texting STOP you will receive one additional message confirming that your request has been processed. You acknowledge that our text message platform may not recognize and respond to unsubscribe requests that do not include the STOP keyword command and agree that SystemsDirect.com and its service providers will have no liability for failing to honor such requests. If you unsubscribe from one of our text message programs, you may continue to receive text messages from SystemsDirect.com through any other programs you have joined until you separately unsubscribe from those programs.

Mobile Phone Number Change

In the event that you change or deactivate your mobile phone number, you agree to notify SystemsDirect.com by emailing us at customer.service@systemsdirect.com


If you are experiencing any problems, please email us at customer.service@systemsdirect.com


This message program is a service of SystemsDirect.com, located at Tracy, Ca, US.

Dispute Resolution

  1. General. In the interest of resolving disputes between you and SystemsDirect.com in the most expedient and cost effective manner, you and SystemsDirect.com agree that any dispute arising out of or in any way related to these messaging terms and conditions ("Messaging Terms") or your receipt of text messages from SystemsDirect.com or its service providers will be resolved by binding arbitration. Arbitration is less formal than a lawsuit in court. Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, may allow for more limited discovery than in court, and can be subject to very limited review by courts. Arbitrators can award the same damages and relief that a court can award. This agreement to arbitrate disputes includes all claims arising out of or in any way related to these Messaging Terms, or your receipt of text messages from SystemsDirect.com or its service providers whether based in contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation, or any other legal theory, and regardless of when a claim arises. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT, BY AGREEING TO THESE MESSAGING TERMS, YOU ANDSystemsDirect.com ARE EACH WAIVING THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY OR TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION AND THAT THESE MESSAGING TERMS SHALL BE SUBJECT TO AND GOVERNED BY THE FEDERAL ARBITRATION ACT.
  2. Exceptions. Notwithstanding subsection (a) above, nothing in these Messaging Terms will be deemed to waive, preclude, or otherwise limit the right of you or SystemsDirect.com to: (i) bring an individual action in small claims court; (ii) pursue an enforcement action through the applicable federal, state, or local agency if that action is available; (iii) seek injunctive relief in aid of arbitration from a court of competent jurisdiction; or (iv) file suit in a court of law to address an intellectual property infringement claim.
  3. Arbitrator. Any arbitration between you and SystemsDirect.com will be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and the Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes (collectively, "AAA Rules") of the American Arbitration Association ("AAA"), as modified by these Messaging Terms, and will be administered by the AAA. The AAA Rules and filing forms are available online at www.adr.org, by calling the AAA at 1-800-778-7879, or by contacting SystemsDirect.com. The arbitrator has exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, or enforceability of this binding arbitration agreement.
  4. Notice; Process. If you or SystemsDirect.com intends to seek arbitration, then the party seeking arbitration must first send a written notice of the dispute to the other party by U.S. Mail ("Notice"). SystemsDirect.com address for Notice is:David Teichner, Attn: Chief Executive Officer. The Notice must: (i) describe the nature and basis of the claim or dispute; and (ii) set forth the specific relief sought ("Demand"). You and SystemsDirect.com will make good faith efforts to resolve the claim directly, but if you and SystemsDirect.com do not reach an agreement to do so within 30 days after the Notice is received, you or SystemsDirect.commay commence an arbitration proceeding. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offer made by you or SystemsDirect.com must not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator makes a final decision and award, if any. (e) Fees. If you commence arbitration in accordance with these Messaging Terms, SystemsDirect.com will reimburse you for your payment of the filing fee, unless your claim is for more than $15,000 or as set forth below, in which case the payment of any fees will be decided by the AAA Rules. If the claim is for $15,000 or less, you may choose whether the arbitration will be conducted: (i) solely on the basis of documents submitted to the arbitrator; (ii) through a non-appearance based telephone hearing; or (iii) by an in-person hearing as established by the AAA Rules. If the arbitrator finds that either the substance of your claim or the relief sought in the Demand is frivolous or brought for an improper purpose (as measured by the standards set forth in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b)), then the payment of all fees will be governed by the AAA Rules. In that case, you agree to reimburse SystemsDirect.com for all monies previously disbursed by it that are otherwise your obligation to pay under the AAA Rules. Regardless of the manner in which the arbitration is conducted, the arbitrator must issue a reasoned written decision sufficient to explain the essential findings and conclusions on which the decision and award, if any, are based. You and SystemsDirect.com agree that such written decision, and information exchanged during arbitration, will be kept confidential except to the extent necessary to enforce or permit limited judicial review of the award. The arbitrator may make rulings and resolve disputes as to the payment and reimbursement of fees or expenses at any time during the proceeding and upon request from you or SystemsDirect.com made within 14 days of the arbitrator's ruling on the merits.
  5. No Class Actions. YOU AND SystemsDirect.com AGREE THAT EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN AN INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. Further, unless both you and SystemsDirect.com agree otherwise in a signed writing, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person's claims, and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding.
  6. Modifications to this Arbitration Provision. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Messaging Terms, if SystemsDirect.com makes any future change to this arbitration provision, other than a change to SystemsDirect.com address for Notice, you may reject the change by sending us written notice within 30 days of the change to SystemsDirect.com address for Notice, in which case this arbitration provision, as in effect immediately prior to the changes you rejected, will continue to govern any disputes between you and SystemsDirect.com.
  7. Enforceability. If an arbitrator decides that applicable law precludes enforcement of any of the limitations of subsection (f) above (addressing class, representative and consolidated proceedings) as to a particular claim for relief, then that claim (and only that claim) must be severed from the arbitration and brought in court. If any other provision of these Messaging Terms is found to be unenforceable, the applicable provision shall be deemed stricken and the remainder of these Messaging Terms shall remain in full force and effect.

Changes to Messaging Terms

We reserve the right to terminate or change our messaging program at any time. We also reserve the right to change these Messaging Terms at any time and such changes will be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued enrollment following such changes shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.



We advise that you please contact us before ordering if you have any concerns or questions about products, ordering, website or any other topic to avoid any return or problem scenario.

By clicking "Confirm Order" in our checkout and completing your order, it is your confirmation that you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions stated herein.

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